Green Corner


What is Green Corner?

The content of the Green corner stems from the partners of GRIN-CH - Green IT node - project that aims at identifying competences and skills for Green Jobs and mapping them with EQF/eCF in accordance with market needs. 

While Green and IT are described as two of the three areas with the biggest job potential in the future, e-Jobs is developping a Green Corner to concentrate information about Green IT jobs.


Green ICT News

  • The GRIN-CH final Workshop took place on 29 October in Lausanne, Switzerland. Would you like to know what topics where discussed? Then have a look at the presentations:

    • "The economic importance of Sustainable ICT in Switzerland and in Europe", Dr. Babak Falsafi, Prof. EPFL (to be uploaded soon)
    • ...

  • Increased use of cloud computing services could  reduce the dependence on energy and help reduce global environmental damage with savings of over $2.2 billion (€1.65 bn) and a cut in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 95% according to the findings of a study released on the 27th of June 2013 in Brussels by researchers from Harvard University...

  • The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), the global association that promotes Green IT and promote the goal IT equipment a tool for assessing the sustainability performance of suppliers of raw materials and components to manufacture, revealed in a report that increased use of cloud computing...