Digital challenges for museum experts - International Conference

Tuesday, 22 September, 2015

22 September 2015, Athens - Organized by Hellenic Open University
Final Conference of the eSkills project, co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) of the European Commission

Venue: Athens Gate Hotel, 10 Syngrou avenue, Athens, Greece

The main purpose of the event was to provide a forum of museum professionals, scholars and ICT initiatives to meet and exchange experiences, ideas and plans in the wide area of Culture & Technology. The eCult Skills project is finalizing its route in the investigation of new and emerging jobs and creation of national profiles through comparison in international level.

The conference was addressing to cultural heritage institutions especially museum professionals (staff, leaders, board members, and policy-makers), vocational training organizations (VET), ICT Industry and stakeholders from the cultural area.

The conference was organized in three major sections; in the first part, was presented the research results from the 6 participant countries of the project. In the second part, Greek Museums depicted their own perspective, through case studies, analyzing the digital literacy of the museum professionals. Also, ICT experts testified their point of view from their collaboration with Museums. In the third part, VET institutions and universities (in bachelor/ master degree) portraied the provided educational background (knowledge, competencies) over museum studies and ICT.

Main Topics

  • Museum and ICT: Key trends, challenges, and technological developments
  • Developing digital strategies
  • Improving Digital Literacy of Museum Professionals
  • Management of Museums by using ICT Technology: Access, Guides, Documentation and Services
  • Digital Challenges for Museum experts
  • Digital Cultural Content Distribution
  • New media, new communication tools in cultural heritage
  • Human – computer interaction for cultural heritage applications
  • ICT guidance: skills and competencies
  • Creative enterprises
  • Activities and Programs in cultural informatics
  • Theory and practice: knowledge  - skills – competences
  • Museum’s organizational chart: changes and upgrades
  • Policy, leadership, and practice in museums

Contact Details: Ms. Konstantina Polymeropoulou,,

Video of the presentation of Mrs. Ligia Whyte, Project Manager, Euproma, Gerrmany

The Conference was organized by Congress World