Wroclaw Round Table on e-Learning

Thursday, 6 November, 2014

Wroclaw, Poland.

The e-Learning Round Table was held in Wroclaw, Poland, on 6 November 2014. Objective of the Workshop was the presentation of current trends and state-of-the-art use of eLearning tools, followed by discussion and validation of the 6 role profiles for virtual learning developed during the first phase of the eVirtue project in the target country, Poland. These 6 profiles refer to the following e-Learning professions: e-Learning architect, e-Learning content developer (part-time and full specialist), e-Learning curriculum designer, on-line tutor and virtual clasroom facilitator.

Round Table programme

The event was met with great interest, from academics, eLearning institution representatives, eLearning solution providers, as well as the representatives of the LLP National Agency in Poland. The first part of the workshop was held in Polish, to allow for easier interaction with the public. "For e-Learning there is the tutorial and instrumental approach in using technology: for the latter, the teacher is still there, We do not need to use machine translation, computer is just a window to the outside world. There is little room for translation tools or voice recognition tool. There is a lot of it, though,  in the tutorial approach: in absence of a teacher and the community, the PC has to take over that role", says Robert Debski, Jagellon University of Cracow.

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