Ambient Assisted Living

What is AAL?


Ambient assisted living (AAL) is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in a person's daily living and working environment to enable her/him stay active longer, remain socially connected and live independently into old age.





Why do we focus on AAL?


AAL is a rapidly growing economic sector creating new jobs. The complexity of all the useful innovations in the field of AAL needs professionals who know how to incorporate, install, service, and use those devices. For this reason, new skills profiles have to be set-up for professionals from various backgrounds.




AAL initiatives


Which are the current initiatives in the field of AAL? Find out here!


The engAGEnet project developed a training curriculum for AAL consultant. The curriculum was tested in pilots in the participaing countries, i.e. Austria, Greece, Germany and France. The curriculum exists in DE, GR, BG and FR.

Role Profiles




-> AAL System Architect
-> AAL Solutions and System Developer 
-> AAL Maintenance Specialist 
-> AAL Community Manager 
-> AAL Consultant


Booklet of the 5 Role Profiles incl. a Summary Guide.

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AAL Consultant Curriculum (EngAGEnt project result):




Training Guidelines

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This Focus Area has been generated by the CompAAL Project and further developed by the engAGEnt Project.