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The eCult Skills Observatory is a webportal geared at new jobs for cultural heritage. Digital technologies are becoming essential enablers to access, document, preserve and interlink cultural heritage collections and artefacts. Museologists and curators often do not have sufficient knowledge of technologies to take decisions for a digital strategy, on the other hand, technology providers know little about the needs of cultural collections.
The focus area on e-culture provides the 5 job profiles essential for the future of cultural heritage curricula, and training guidelines give indicators on how to implement job profiles (all in EN, DE, EL, SI, FR, PT language versions). Check out the eCult Vademecum for museums, or the "Toolkit" that gives insight into technologies and an overview of Webianrs held, including eCult Skills.

eCult Community

Check out past events of eCult Skills and the eCult Observatory where digitisation, technology solutions and museum showcases were discussed, with slideshows and comments from the audience. Have a look at the Summer Stage where "cultural ICT consultants", aka eCult Ambassadors "coached" the audience to learn more about mobile apps, social media and 3D images. Or the Winter Stage where eCult Skills presented in a dedicated session the identified digital eCult profiles.

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Check out the e-Culture Focus Area and the 5 Role Profiles we've created for the e-Culture professionnals.

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If you are interested in new technologies and cultural heritage, REGISTER HERE and become part of the community. Your name will appear in the  eCult Directory under "individuals" unless you register for a museum, company or another institution like VET.


eCult Special Event

Digital challenges for museum experts - 22 September 2015

The final event of the eCult Skills project will be a international conference in Athens, Greece.

Museum experts, researchers, vocational training experts, young museologists and digital experts will meet to dicuss the - digital -future of museums and related cultural jobs. Among the job profiles are those developed in the course of the last 2 years: Cultural ICT consultant, Cultural ICT guide, Digital Cultural Asset Manager, Interactive Cultural Experience Developer, Online Cultural Community Manager.

Programme and More info

Participation is free but subject to registration on a first come, first serve basis.

eCult Special Event in Glasgow, May 2015:

The 4th Dialogue Day (see programme) was held at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, on the occasion of the EMYA award days on 13 May 2015.

eCultSkills job profiles were presented by Panagiota Polymeropoulou of the Hellenic Open University. See her presentation.
The importance of digitally skilled staff was emphasised by Margaretha Mazura who will include the role profiles in a new version of the "eCult Vademecum for digital strategies for museums" (see her presentation). The inclusion of the eCult Skills Observatory into the eCult Observatory platform was presented by Philippe Wacker.

Have a look at the presentations of 4th eCult Dialogue Day in Glasgow, UK, 13 May 2015 and check out the role e-skills can play!