Digital Cultural Asset Manager

Role title: Digital  Cultural Asset Manager
Also known as: Digital Asset Manager, Digital Curator
Relevant professions: Cultural Informatics, Cultural/ Art ICT Manager
Summary statement: Deals with the organization, preservation, exploitation (incl. monetization) and provision of access to the born-digital or digitized  cultural content in a museum or other cultural institution (hereinafter refered to only as museums), whether in a physical or virtual space.
To undertake the design, administration, and exploitation (incl. monetization) of a digital museum collection, according to the management plan. 
Deliverables: Accountable
Responsible Contributor
  • Organization of the digital cultural collections, after selection and classification, to facilitate the collections’ discovery, access and use.
  • Preservation of the digital cultural asset according to  best practices and international standards (format transformation, hardware/ Software emulation.
  • Exploitation  (incl. monetization) and provision of access to the digital content/objects  in terms of  functionality, technical  feasibility and reliability (methods of access, authentication,
  • compatibility, browsers, format) and monetization.
  • Protection and safeguarding of the museum digital collection (copyright, watermarked content, cryptography).
  • Sustainability and operability of the digital product assets – operational maintenance of the digital assets
  • Advice the museum management on improvements.
  • Usability analysis (website, application).
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Competitor benchmarking.
Main task/s:
  • To redact the best organization and preservation plan for born-digital or digitized cultural content/objects according to the museum needs.
  • To develop, manage, and optimize the museum’s digital cultural collection.
  • To be aware of the national/ international conventions or/ and the legal framework for the protection of the digital cultural property.
  • To provide plan for the best possible exploitation of digital assets.
  • To collaborate with the museum experts (museologists, curators, web designers, multimedia experts).
  • To develop a robust grounding in theories, methods and concepts in cultural asset management.
  • To be continuously informed about the new technologies and the current developments in ICT.

Collaborates with the digital media and the marketing department. Works with the curators of the museum. Interacts with:

  • Management
  • Physical curation department
  • Communication department
  • Diversity and size of the digital content.
  • Number and frequency of museum visitors (traffic).
  • Operability combined with the aesthetic part of the digital cultural product.
  • Evaluation of the museum experience (qualitative and quantitative analysis). 
  • Time period of collaboration with the museum.
  • IP rules clearly identified for each digital asset.

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