Online Cultural Community Manager

Role title: Online Cultural Community Manager
Also known as: New Medias Manager, Digital Communication Manager
Relevant professions: Relevant professions text.
Summary statement: Being aware of the needs of the online community, the Online Cultural Community Manager creates and manages an engaging, attractive, accessible and collaborative online community for all stakeholders (visitors, colleagues, educational institution representatives, Cultural Heritage professionals, donors, decision makers, etc.). S/He designs and implements guidelines for the museum’s or other cultural institution’s (hereinafter refered to only as museums) online communication strategy. 
To create and manage a sense of community between the museum and its online stakeholders through a strategic communication plan that meets the objectives of the first and the needs of the latter.  
Deliverables: Accountable
Responsible Contributor
  • Management of content of all online channels (website, newsletter, social media, forums, blogs, Pinterest...) of the museum.
  • Online communication strategy and plan.
  • Quick and effective resolution of issues and reply to inquiries (feedback mechanism for the museum). 
  • Research of the online community (background, motivation, etc.).
  • Online interaction with all stakeholders of the museum (see summary statement), according to the museum’s protocol.
  • Promotion of community engagement online activities.
  • Analysis of user feedback. 
  • Organisation of events and other PR activities.  (in order to create physical community);
  • Fidelisation/maintenance of user community.
  • Overall communication strategy and plan of the museum.
Main task/s:
  • To design guidelines for the museum’s online communication strategy. 
  • To research the characteristics of the online community.
  • To create and add relevant curated content in all online channels of communication (website, blogs, articles, pinterest, newsletters...) of the museum that meets its objectives and the needs of its stakeholders (see summary statement). 
  • To respond to and follow-up all online incoming inquiries.
  • To moderate forums.
  • To conduct web analytics and analyse them in order to assess whether objectives are met.
Environment: Usually works in tandem with the communication, marketing and PR team. Spends much of her/his time online, validating the effectiveness of the collaboration tools. 
  • Stakeholder satisfaction and fidelisation.
  • Community engagement, number of twitted messages or comments on the museum’s facebook page.
  • Statistics/analytics of stakeholders’ online activity.
  • Museums website page-ranking.

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